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Unlock Friend Photo Block

Unlock Friend Photo Block is used to unlock your accounts that meet friend photo verification. You need to provide some good facebook accounts and some good proxies to solve this problem.

1. Click Facebook -> Unlock Friend Photo Block

The following is the interface of this feature:

2, Login

Please click Browse button to select some good accounts as source accounts to solve your problem accounts that meet friend photo verification. Software will login these good accounts on facebook in background, then search and collect the profile pictures' URL of the friends of problem accounts.


Unlock Friend Photo Block feature, it is a special feature, you need to run it two times to implement its function. For first time, it will collect all friends' profile picture of the problem account . For second time, it will display the friends photo for you to identify.


The first time to run the feature.

When the first time you run this feature, the program will login some good accounts on facebook, collect all friends' profile pictures of the problem accounts, and then save those pictures' URL in account.facebook file. (Actually, it collect pictures base on Added list. )

2) The second time to run the feature.

For the second time , it will identify account's friends photo. Here is a screenshots of this step:

Let's review the friend photo verification on facebook. When we manually login the account on facebook, facebook will ask you to identify your friends photo. See the follow screenshot. Facebook will take 3 pictures from one friend, and put six names of your friends bellow, and ask you to select the correct name.

If you use Unlock Friend Photo Block feature of software, it will put those 3 pictures on the left, and put six names with their photoes on the right, so you can compare those pictures and choose the correct name.

Facebook will identify 5 friends' photo, if they are all correct, then the account will pass the roadblock.


1) If there isn't any account with friend photo verification but some good accounts in Manage Account, the program will collect friends' profile pictures of good accounts when you run this feature. So, please hide the NON photo verification accounts in Manage Accounts to save your time.

2) Added list is the record of account's friend requests which sent by the program, including the account's connected friends and pending friends. It is the necessary precondition for the program to solve the problemed account with friend photo verification. Please don't clear Added list at any time.

3) If you clear Added list, the featue can work still, but it is hardly to collect correct profile pictures of problem account's friends, thus, it's hardly to unlock friend photo verification.

4) mport some good proxies in Manage Proxies feature. This step is important, if you don't put some good proxies in Manage Proxies feature, the function of Unlock Friend Photo Block will not work.

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