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Account with GEO Targeted Friends is a service to add targeted friends from 2 countries: United Kingdom and United States. We could create a profile and add the GEO targeted friends for you or add the GEO targeted friends for your own account. But we can't add friends from specific cities at present. There are small, medium and big three packages in total. The small package will go with 1000 friends, the medium one with 2000 friends and the big one with 4000 friends.
 Overview Video
1. It usually takes us 14 days to finish the project for single account, but if something unexpected happened, we would need 5 more days to finish the project.

2. If you buy multiple accounts with Niche targeted friends, we will need 4 more days for each account. For example, if you place an order of 5 accounts with GEO targeted friends, we will need 14 days for the first account and 16 more days for the other 4 accounts, so we will take 30 days in total to finish the project.
Specification Small Medium Big
Added Number 5000 10000 20000
Friend Number 1000 2000 4000
Friend Source GEO targeted GEO targeted GEO targeted
Account Type Personal Non-PVA Personal Non-PVA Personal Non-PVA

Added Number: Means the friend number which we will add for the account.

Friend Number: Means the final friend number the account will get.

Friend Source: Add targeted friends according to your requirement for the account.

Account Type: Means the kind of accounts will be used to add friends. And we select Personal Non-PVA account in our stock to add Geo targeted friends.
 Working Flow
    Before making an order, you need to read all relevant infomation of this service in this page, including the description of Account with GEO Targeted Friends service, specification, discount and delivery and policy as well. If there is something intangible, you can contact our Support for further explaination. We will consider that you have read all about this service if you have placed an order.
1. We can only target friends from United Kingdom and United States at present.
2. The accounts are created based on Personal Non-PVA specification.
3. All the friends are real and active users on Facebook.
4. Please check the accounts as soon as you get the accounts.
5. We offer rebates or give discount for your next order if the final friends number is less than the target.
1. Delivery time mainly confirms to the estimated time in the above table.
2. You should be responsible for getting banned by facebook because of suspicious activities.
3. We only refund full payment to customer who cancels the order before it is processed.
4. Placing any orders is considered that you have agreed on all the above service items.
Sales Support Team
Skype: livelyservice
Technical Support Team
Skype: livelyfacebook
Tip: The Sales Support Team is online 24*7. And the Technical Support Team’s working hours are 8:30 - 12:00 AM, 2:00 - 5:30 PM (GMT+8) from Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion.
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