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30 Days Action Plan is a practical e-book to guide you how to find and reach tons of target customers on Facebook within 30 days. If you want to start selling own product, or expand the business, 30 Days Action Plan is ready for you. In this plan, according to 30 Days Action Plan E-book and Schedule, it’s easy to operate step by step. There are examples and case studies in each step, showing by numerous screenshots, and the result assessment in each step is concluded according to our extensive research for this plan. With this e-book, you’ll learn to:

• Manage your Facebook time

• Understand the facebook rules of adding friends

• Figure out how to get targeted friends efficiently

• Get in front of more leads and prospects

• Set up powerful facebook accounts with your target customers

The plan has targeted course for Beginner, Intermediate User and Advanced User. After completing 30 Days Action Plan, for the beginner, you’ll get an account with about 1000 friends; for the Intermediate user, you’ll have about 2000 friends; surprisingly, for the Advanced user, you will get more than 4000 friends.
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The estimated delivery time is within 24 hours.
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1. The relevant data is estimated numbers according to our research for the plan.
2. We don't promise 100% for the result of each course.
3. You should be responsible for getting banned by facebook because of suspicious activities.
4. We do not provide any refund or replacement for any reason after order is sent out.
5. Be sure to read the fine print before you purchase. Any questions,contact us please.
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