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 Customer Review
I got 3 non-PVAs to test. Each of the accounts worked perfectly and comes with 1 x profile pic and date of birth set up. The accounts I got were all created on 2nd March 2011 making them just over two months old. Also, I tested the email addresses that the accounts were set up with and all those worked perfectly too.

Top notch service and I'll be placing an order for more accounts soon.
I've got more than 1000 friends with the 30 DAYS ACTION PLAN, within 30 days!!! And also get 20 accounts with 100-200 friends, will invite these my target friends to another new accounts, that's really a good resouce!
I must say you guys are really a well trained and experience team, give me lots of suggestions, and always help me solve my problems.
I will definitely consider buying other service from livelyservice!!
Great service. I have ordered 1000 fb friends, got them in a day or so. extremely reliable and fast. Thumbs up! Can only recommend !
I will definitely consider buying other service from livelyservice!!
I just wanted to say thanks for creating such an incredible ebook. It is awesome and has been a big help to me. If you want to get targeted customers, you will want to grab yourself a copy of her book." -Muse
Accounts were great and exactly what I was expecting. No information, but profile picture looks natural and like a regular person (nothing overly provocative.) One of my accounts even had some friend requests which is a great little bonus.

If you are looking for facebook accounts I would definitely recommend livelyservice. Best of luck to you.
wow awesome order, ordered 2000 friends and delivered very faster then he said and i will get many extra friends! great job! fast response! wont be the last job for you. thanks !!
"This is probably the single most valuable book that ANY facebook Marketer could own. I am rarely impressed by anything these days, particularly eBooks, however, lively has absolutely NAILED IT with her new product 30 Days Action Plan.If you are serious about having an effective, efficient way to get targeted friends, do yourself a favor and get this book!"" -Hawthorne
A great service!
Thank you livelyservice! Its a 5 star services!
Fb accounts and friends. I already had both positive services, delivered in a few minutes. Its really professional!
As there are a bunch of providers sell FB friends/pages and you can find all kind of prices.But usually, i don't care about the price, I want quality for my money and to me it's not a problem to give a few dollars more than usual, if I can get a decent service.
I bought two detailed profile facebook accounts, one male ,one female. Very happy with them. 10 pics with each all good and normal. Normal young guy and very pretty young girl with account details filled in very nicely with lots of info and interests. Names are good and from U.S. cities.

The service was almost instantaneous, thank you very much!
"I've read marketing books before but none of them combined the importance of doing online marketing, and most of all how to properly do it. What I loved about your book was how easy it was to read and follow the instructions. If you're just starting to marketing on facebook, after reading this ebook you won't feel lost anymore. Great book!" – Perla H.
So, one of the reasons why i went with livelyservice is that they have good reviews on his topic and perfect support, so I wanted to spent my money on him.I contacted him via Skype,the support is always here, chat with them at any time, and was patient with my questions. After we set all up I payed him the fee and recive my first 1000 friends order within 6 hours, after got the account, i was really satisfied with their service.
I highly recommend this service. All accounts in good quality PVA and Non-PVA. Very fast and reliable 24/7 support. Cheers!
"I finally got a chance to sit down with your eBook, and I must say I am impressed. It's very well put together and, most importantly, the information is useful and presented in an understandable and logical way. I even learned a few things, myself." – Namasté, Burnell
"You're E-Book was very informative and to the point. As a "newbie" to Facebook it helped me get set up and running very easily. The "how to's" along with the screen shots made it easy to understand and put into use. Thank You very much!" – Don E.
Well...I am a regular customer of livelyservice. A few days later i ordered again, but not the normal PVA accounts. I tried to buy a large amount friends, so bought a 4000 friends account, got it after 12 hours.

To my surprise, got an account with 4300 friends, and the friends number is still grow, very good service I'd say!
"I LOVE the book; it's so easy to read through. I often find that instructional manuals make me want to nap – yours is fun and a light read, but very instructional. Good job!" – Meaghan S.
Yesterday after being so pleased with the software and customer service i decided to buy a pva account with 1000 friends and it was delivered within minutes! Input the account to the software FFAP, change my own proxy for this account, login successfully, then guss what?!! It has 1891 friends!! wow...that's really a big surprise, lots of friends post in the wall, so I believe they are all true friends. I am very satified, I wish you the best of luck, keep up the great work, and thanks again for your professional service.
My 200 facebook PVAs were all got roadblock, most of them have hundred of friends, but some of them need to be phone verified, and some need to be verified friends' photo. So I tried to look for someone can help me, search on some popular marketing forums, then I found you guys on BHW, tried to contact kethy if he can help. He is so kind to help me bypass one account freely first, I got one account with 1200 friends back that week later, 185 accounts were back, only 15 can't bypassed caused by other problems, they even refund me the 15 accounts money...

I'm really pleased with their service, especially the support team, thanks man!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
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