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 FAQs for 30 Days Action Plan

1. Q: What's the delivery time for this service?

  1. A: Usually, the estimated delivery time is within 24 hours.

2. Q: Can I upgrade the plan to new version when it release?

  1. A: We would try our efforts to continuously improve the existing products, research and development of more and better new products. Please contact our Lively Support Team for more details.

3. Q: What's the difference between 30 Days Action Plan and Targeted Friends service in
         "Step 5: My Target"?

  1. A: Generally speaking, Targeted Friends service is based on 30 Days Action Plan, our product team study the plan and carry out it for customers who order the Targeted Friends service.

4. Q: What software is required for me to be able to view the course introduction formatted as

  1. A: An Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 is required and can be downloaded for free at

5. Q: What do you mean by Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced user? Is it in relation to
         Facebook or something else?

  1. A: Yes, the grade of course is related with the familiarity of Facebook and internet marketing, no matter you are a novice or a marker, there is a suitable course for you.

6. Q: If I start from the Beginner package, can I graduate to the Intermediate or Advanced User

  1. A: Yes. Since you are much familiar with Facebook after complete Beginner package, you may take one advanced package for further progress.

7. Q: You said I can target friends in the plan, how many types of niche can I specify?

  1. As is well known, Facebook has such a wide variety of resources to help people find others, by this plan you can find people not only from page/group/event/application/other profile’s, but even better to target people locally.

8. Q: If I carry out the plan, the targeted friends I get is real Facebook users?

  1. A: Yes, the friends are real and active users on Facebook.

9. Q: Do you offer any guarantee of the actual friends’ number you said in the plan? 1000-4000
         target friends prospects?

  1. A: Before release the plan, our product team made lots of test and practices, and then the results achieved. We don't offer any guarantee, but generally you’ll get the friends around or equal to that we describe in each course.

10. Q: Which type of accounts is better to apply the plan, PVA or Non-PVA?

  1. A: We recommend Non PVA for 30 days Action Plan. PVA is very easily to get mobile phone re-verification roadblock which can’t be passed without re-verification code.

11. Q: What’s the meaning of Normal, Profiled, Personal in account types?

  1. A: Normal account refers to the account with one profile picture and little basic information. Profile account is one account with three pictures and some basic information; Personal account has ten profile pictures and detailed account information. Please go to our PVA/Non-PVA service to check the details of each account type.

12. Q: Can I use my existing Facebook accounts on applying 30 days action plan?

  1. A: Yes, you can use your own accounts to complete 30 Days Action Plan.

13. Q: There are so many accounts in each package, do I need to buy some proxies for them?
          Where to buy proxies?

  1. A: Yes. For account secure, you need to buy some proxies for accounts in the course of Intermediate and Advanced user. For the beginner user, it needn’t proxies for accounts when running, but please makes sure you didn’t spam on Facebook on your local IP address. We recommend Anonymous-proxies supplier, please click here to view

14. Q: What if I want to achieve 30 Day Action Plan but without using FFAP program?

  1. A: 30 Day Action Plan is practical and easy to follow, it can be done manually or automatically, we’ll show you every single operation in the instructions and video tutorials, so that you can complete the plan manually without any cost.

15. Q: How many targeted accounts can I have and how quickly can I start to do marketing?

  1. A: By the 30 Day Action Plan, for a long time a steady stream of targeted friends will arrive and associate themselves into your accounts, so you can get as many targeted accounts as you want, and use the account to do marketing at any time when you think it has enough friends.

16. Q: You are saying the plan takes 30-days to complete, can that be speeded up? I.E. one is
          doing 2-3 days progress in a day?

  1. A: Yes, you can speed up the plan. However, it’s better to carry out according to the plan schedule.

17. Q: I have watched the plan instruction and tutorial videos, however I still have some
          questions about it, in which way I can get it resolved?

  1. A: Any questions, please contact our professional Lively Support Team, we have 20 members in charge of the online tech support and all related documents and videos.

18. Q: What is the refund policy?

  1. A: "No Refund" Policy. All sales are final. There are no refunds. An overview of the course objectives is provided. Be sure to read the course objectives information before you sign up for the course.
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