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 FAQ for Account with Custom Targeted Friends

1. Q: What is Facebook account?

  1. A: Facebook account is an account which can be signed up on It includes wall, photos, profile information, firends, notes, etc. With Facebook account, you can interact with other Facebook users. There are already over 845 million users on the site. It is regarded as a good place to do internet marketing.

2. Q: What is Account with Custom Targeted Friends service?

  1. A: Profile with custom targeted Friends service is to add targeted friends to any of your accounts according to your requirements.

3. Q: Can you create an account for me and then add targeted friends to it according to specific requirements?

  1. A: Yes. We can create a fresh account according to your requirements to add targeted friends.

4. Q: Are the friends real Facebook users?

  1. A: Yes, the friends are real users active on Facebook.

5. Q: What kind of friends can you add to accounts?

  1. A: We can add friends according to your keywords, the page/group links you provide. And we can also add friends by IDs provided by you.

6. Q: What's the delivery time for this service?

  1. Usually, the estimated delivery time is 14 days, but if something unexpected happened, it would ask for another 5 days at most to finish the project.

7. Q: I have placed 1000 custom targeted friends, what should I do next?

  1. A: When you make an order, please contact our online support team and explain your requirement in detail. You can ask us to add friends by keywords/niche, or ask us to add friends by friend IDs provided by you. We will note down specific requirements and start the project early.

8. Q: Do you offer any guarantee of the friends result?

  1. A: If your friends resource are from keywords, the final friends number the account get is equal or more than we describe in specification. But we add friends from the page and ID you provide, the result is based on the acceptance rate of the friends from your Targeted Friends Source. It may be less than estimate friend Number. We will try our best to achieve it, but can not 100% promise.

9. Q: What is the specification of the account you provide for me?

  1. A: It is Non-PVA account with full account information which you could check it out in our website:

10. Q: What if my account is asked to go through photo security check?

  1. A: Once your account get photo roadblock, you can ask us to bypass it by clicking Unlock Friend Photo Verification.

11. Q: What if my account get deleted/banned when I get the account?

  1. A: When you get the account, please import the *.facebook to FFAP or FFA-->Select the account --> "Start To"--->"Bypass Login Problem" to get the latest cookies of the account. This may protect the accounts security.Generally speaking, the account can't be deleted/banned if you use it normally except that the owner of the account does something violating the rules of facebook or some friends of the account report it. So you should use it carefully and don't spam a lot.

12. Q: Is there any compensation/solution if my account gets deleted/banned when I get it?

  1. A: Unfortunately, we don't provide compensation for any reason. But if your account get deleted/banned after you get it. We can add friends to any of your accounts again at discount price.

13. Q: Why the cost for Male account with friends is more than Female account with friends?

  1. A: The acceptance rate of Male account is a bit lower than that of Female account. So we charge more for Male account with friends.

14. Q: Could you ensure the accounts security if I send my own account for you to add friends?

  1. A: We are sorry we couldn't ensure you of your account's security, especially when your account is running on your home IP. You should take responsibility for the possible accounts problem when you send it to us to add targeted friends.

15. Q: Do you offer other services related to Facebook?

  1. A: Yes, for more services, please click here.
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