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 FAQ for Account with GEO Targeted Friends

1. Q: What is the Account with GEO Targeted Friends Service?

  1. A: Account with GEO Targeted Friends Service is to add targeted friends according to the region. It mainly refers to a certain country.

2. Q: Could you manage to add the Geo-targeted friends for my own account?

  1. A: Yes, we could. Please export your account as .facebook format and send to us if your account is used in our program. Alternatively, please send us the account with the proxy that is assigned to it for the sake of its security.

3. Q: Could you provide an account to build the GEO targeted friends for me?

  1. A: Yes. We could also create a profile and add the Geo-targeted friends for you as you request.

4. Q: What is the specification of the account you provide for me?

  1. A: It is Non-PVA account with full account information which you could check it out in our website:

5. Q: Could you ensure the accounts security if I send my own account for you to add friends?

  1. A: I am sorry we couldn't ensure you of your account's security, especially when your account is running on your home IP. You should assure the responsibility for the possible accounts problem when you send it for us to add targeted friends.

6. Q: How could I outsource the service to you?

  1. A: Please contact our online support team for the targeted Geo that you prefer as the source of the targeted friends. Any country is feasible.

7. Q: Could you do the customized profile information for this service?

  1. Yes, we could create the account according to your specific requirements.

8. Q: Could you guarantee the final friends number of the account?

  1. A: The estimated friend number could be 1000, 2000, or 4000 according to the package you ordered. Normally, you could expect the final friend number to be around the estimated ones.

. Q: Could you add the Geo targeted friends according to any specific cities?

  1. A: Currently, we only provide the service to add friends based on countries. We may consider adding friends according to the cities in the near future.

10. Q: Do you offer any guarantee of the actual friends’ number?

  1. A: Yes,we promise the final friends number the account get is equal or more than we describe in specification.

11. Q: What is the estimated delivery time of this service?

  1. A: The turnaround time would be 14 days. However, if something unexpected happened, we would put off the delivery time in order to process the order better for you.

12. Q: Why the price of male account price is higher than female account?

  1. A: The acceptance rate of Male account is a bit lower than that of Female account. It's harder to get friends for male account. So we charge more for Male account with friends.

13. Q: What is a .facebook file?

  1. A: It is a file which includes all the information of the account(s)’, for example: Email, password, and the creation cookies which will protect the account(s)’ security and only can be used in FFAP.

14. Q: What do you need from me for the GEO Targeted Friends Service?

  1. A: What you need to do is to tell us ( which country you want to target your friends and we will send the account to your paypal email as soon as possible.

15. Q: How you can build an account with so many friends in around two weeks?

  1. A: We follow the 30 Days Action Plan to build the account for you. We just make full use of the 30 Days Action Plan.

16. Q: Can I ask for some custom settings on the Targeted Accounts, such as the age, photo?

  1. A: Yes. Please contact Our Support Team and give us the details. But the price would be a bit higher.

17. Q: Why does my Targeted Account get disabled by Facebook?

  1. A: There are many reasons why you may not be able to access your account. Therefore, it is important to be sure that you don’t overuse any feature of Facebook. Keep using the targeted profile in FFAP and don’t overuse any feature would make your account safer.

18. Q: Can you extract the emails of the friends from the Targeted Profile?

  1. A: Sorry, we can’t extract the emails of the friends from the Targeted Profile, while we can extract the Profile IDs.

19. Q: If I ordered the Big Targeted Package, will I get the list of targeted friend IDs when you
          deliver it?

  1. A: Sorry, we won’t deliver the targeted friend IDs.

20. Q: What should I do if my targeted account is asked to go through picture security check?

  1. A: When your targeted account is asked to go through photo verification, please let us know, we will try to unlock it for you.
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