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 FAQ for Account with Global Friends

1. Q: What does "Global Friends" mean?

  1. A: "Global Friends" means the friends from all over the world, but most of them are from Europe and America.

2. Q: Can you add Global Friends based on countries?

  1. A: Global Friends Service can’t add Friends based on countries. However, our GEOTargeted Friends Service can achieve. Please refer to Account with GEO Targeted Friends Service.

3. Q: Can you add Global Friends based on age/ gender?

  1. A: Sorry. We can’t base on age/gender.

4. Q: Can I also ask you to avoid adding the people that my own Account already got?

  1. A: Sorry for that. The friends we have already added to account.

5. Q: Why the price of male account is higher than that of female account?

  1. A: The acceptance rate of Male account is a bit lower than that of Female account. It's harder to get friends for male account. So we charge more for Male account with friends.

6. Q: Do I have to offer you an account to add global friends?

  1. A: No, you needn’t to offer anything. After your payment, you will get an account with thousands of global friends from us according to your order

7. Q: If I order multiple accounts with global friends, will I get common friends among these

  1. We add friends for the accounts from a huge real friends stock, and all the friends are gathered from Facebook, and the data is updated everyday. But the software may add same friends from the stock for different accounts, so we can’t guarantee all the friends for different accounts are different. If you want to get 90% different friends for multiple accounts, please contact our 24*7 support team.

8. Q: Is the account Non-PVA or PVA?

  1. A: All of the specific account is Non-PVA (No Phone Verification). We suggest you add your own phone number when you get the profiles. Or subscribe a phone number for your account from us. For more detail, please refer to Subscribe Mobile Phone Number Service.

9. Q: Can I get the specific account with Phone verification?

  1. A: s all of the specific account is Non-PVA (No Phone Verification). We suggest you add your own phone number when you get the profiles. Or subscribe a phone number for your account from us. For more detail, please refer to Subscribe Mobile Phone Number Service.

10. Q: What’s the type or what’s the information of the specific account will be setting up?

  1. A: The basic information of the specific account is the same with the Personal Account we provide, check the details here.

11. Q: Do you offer any guarantee of the friends result?

  1. A: Yes. We guarantee the number of final friends in the account.

12. Q: Is there any problem when I login the accounts with my IP or proxies which are
          different with the created proxies?

  1. A: If you login the accounts with the creation cookies, it will be no problem to login the accounts with different IP or proxies. The method is to login the accounts with the default format which we sent to you by the free trial version of FFA /FFAP, and assign your proxies with feature ‘Manage Proxies" of FFA/FFAP, after check the accounts with feature "Manage Accounts" with new proxies, you can login your accounts with same proxies manually or other tools without any problem.

13. Q: Should I need to use proxy for the specific account?

  1. A: If you manage more than 10 accounts then yes, proxy is recommended. We recommended customers assign one proxy for 1-5 accounts.

14. Q: Why the account creation cookies are important?

  1. A: Browser cookie is an important factor for Facebook checking accounts status. If you login an account with new cookies under different IP or proxy, the accounts may get login problem. But it will be safe for you to change IP or proxy with same cookies.

15. Q: If my account get roadblock when operating them, can you bypass for me?

  1. A: We can bypass all kinds of roadblock for our accounts at present. If they are simple roadblock, FFA/FFAP can bypass the login problems for you. While if they are phone verification or friend’s photo verification, please contact our support team to help you.

16. Q: My accounts get roadblock before I try to login them. Why?

  1. A: You should login the accounts at once after received them from us, and also login them frequently to keep the accounts active. If you didn’t login the accounts for a long time, Facebook may think that the account is abnormal, your accounts may get some checkpoint automatically from Facebook.

17. Q: Is there any replacement if the accounts get roadblock when I login them to check at
          the first time?

  1. A: Yes, if the account met the following items, you will get a replacement: Login the accounts with FFA/FFAP at once after received them from us. Send the accounts to us within 24 hours. We will unlock the accounts for you freely, if we also can’t unlock the roadblock, we will do a replacement for you.

18. Q: I tested this service, and the account with friends are great, can I place a big order
          with any special discount?

  1. A: If you are satisfied with our global friend service, you can place multiple orders with discount according to our discount policy. But you can’t order more than 20000 global friends in total at one time if you want to get many friends in the accounts.

19. Q: What should I do when I receive the account?

  1. A: Please check your order immediately when you get it. There are two ways as following:

    Method 1, use the account within FFA/FFAP (Recommended):

    Open FFA/FFAP, click "Facebook" -> Manage Accounts" in the menu; Click "Import" button to import the account in the ".facebook" file; Select the account and run the feature "Bypass Login Problems" to check account with its new IP; If the account bypasses, you can double click it to login by inner Mozilla browser and check friends.

    Method 2, use the account by your favorite browser (Need a Proxy):

    Prepare and set a proxy for your favorite browser; Contact our support team with your proxy and the ".facebook" file; Our support team will help you transfer the account to your proxy; Now you can login the account in your favorite browser, to check friends. Please do not login account on browser directly, it may get blocked.
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