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 FAQ for Other Facebook Related Service

1. Q: How to pay for the service?

  1. A: There is no access to pay for such service at the moment because of the differences. Therefore, please contact our 24*7 sales support team for the payment link and detail information of your project.

2. Q: In Custom Account, can I use my own username and profile pictures?

  1. A: Yes, you can. The pictures' format should be suitable for facebook.

3. Q: Can I get a refund if the customized accounts are not working after sent?

  1. A: Our accounts are checked before sending. We will never send any invalid accounts to customers. Please inquire our support about how to check accounts safely.

4. Q: Are the accounts created by any proxies?

  1. A: Yes, all the accounts are created by different US private proxies.

5. Q: What should I do when I receive the account?

  1. A: Please check your order immediately when you get it. There are two ways as following: Method 1, use the account within FFA/FFAP (Recommended):

    Open FFA/FFAP, click "Facebook" -> Manage Accounts" in the menu;

    Click "Import" button to import the account in the ".facebook" file;

    Select the account and run the feature "Bypass Login Problems" to check account with its new IP;

    If the account bypasses, you can double click it to login by inner Mozilla browser and check friends.

    Method 2, use the account by your favorite browser (Need a Proxy):

    Prepare and set a proxy for your favorite browser;

    Contact our support team with your proxy and the ".facebook" file;

    Our support team will help you transfer the account to your proxy;

    Now you can login the account thruogh your favorite browser to check friends. Please do not login account on browser directly, it may get blocked.

6. Q: If I want some custom PVAs, which country are the phone numbers located?

  1. A: We provide Chinese/Philippine phone numbers to verify the accounts.

7. Q: About Sending Messages service, how can I check the messages you have sent?

  1. A: When your order is accomplished, our support will make a screenshot of those messages we sent and the picture can be sent to your email.

8. Q: Can I attach a link in the message?

  1. A: Yes, you can. But we recommend you to use shorten url because Facebook will ban the link soon after you send a few messages. With shorten url you can protect your link from being prohibited.

9. Q: In Invite Page Fans Service, are the fans real and active?

  1. A: Those page fans we invite are randomly from global places. We cannot promise all of them are real and active.

10. Q: What is the delivery time after I put an order?

  1. A: The delivery time is dependent on the complexity of each service.
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