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 FAQ for Other Facebook Related Service

1. Q: How to pay for the service?

  1. A: There is no access to pay for such service at the moment because of the differences. Therefore, please contact our support who will give you the payment link.

2. Q: In Custom Account, can I use my own username and profile pictures?

  1. A: Yes, you can. The pictures' format should be suitable for facebook.

3. Q: Can I get a refund if the customized accounts are not working after sent?

  1. A: Our accounts are checked before sending. We will never send any invalid accounts to customers. Please inquire our support about how to check accounts safely.

4. Q: Are the accounts created by any proxies?

  1. A: Yes, all the accounts are created by different US private proxies.

5. Q: What should I do when I receive the account?

  1. A: Please check your order immediately when you get it. There are two ways as following: Method 1, use the account within FFA/FFAP (Recommended):

    Open FFA/FFAP, click "Facebook" -> Manage Accounts" in the menu;

    Click "Import" button to import the account in the ".facebook" file;

    Select the account and run the feature "Bypass Login Problems" to check account with its new IP;

    If the account bypasses, you can double click it to login by inner Mozilla browser and check friends.

    Method 2, use the account by your favorite browser (Need a Proxy):

    Prepare and set a proxy for your favorite browser;

    Contact our support team with your proxy and the ".facebook" file;

    Our support team will help you transfer the account to your proxy;

    Now you can login the account thruogh your favorite browser to check friends. Please do not login account on browser directly, it may get blocked.

6. Q: If I want some custom PVAs, which country are the phone numbers located?

  1. A: Usually we just can provide Chinese phone numbers to verify the accounts. But we are trying our best to offer other country’s phone numbers, please have a close eye on "Last News" to get last news on this service.

7. Q: As to Create Application Service, can you create some application on my accounts?

  1. Sorry, we can only use our fresh accounts to create dummy apps for you, and you can change the apps according to your needs after you receive the accounts.

8. Q: How many applications can I have in one account? Is there a limit?

  1. A: There is no certain limitation on how many applications one account can create. But we will try our best to provide you applications according to your requirements.

9. Q: About Sending Messages service, how can I check the messages you have sent?

  1. A: When your order is accomplished, our support will make a screenshot of those messages we sent and the picture can be sent to your email.

10. Q: Can I attach a link in the message?

  1. A: Yes, you can. But we recommend you to use shorten url because Facebook will ban the link soon after you send a few messages. With shorten url you can protect your link from being prohibited.

11. Q: In Invite Page Fans Service, are the fans real and active?

  1. A: Those page fans we invite are randomly from global places. We cannot promise all of them are real and active.

12. Q: What is the delivery time after I put an order?

  1. A: The delivery time is dependent on the complexity of each service.
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