FAQ for PVA Service

1. Q: Are the PVAs already created?

  1. A: Sorry, all the accounts in our stock are Non-PVAs. In order to keep the accounts' safety, only when we receive PVA orders from you, the accounts will be verified to PVAs immediately.

2. Q: Which country are the phone numbers located?

  1. A: Usually we just can provide Chinese phone numbers to verify the accounts. But we are trying our best to offer other country’s phone numbers, please have a close eye on "Latest News" to get latest news on this service.

3. Q: What do you mean by CN and PH? Are they real phone numbers?

  1. A: CN stands for Chinese Number. PH stands for Philippine Number. Yes, all the phone numbers which used to verify accounts are real phone numbers.

4. Q: Does each account own a different phone numbers?

  1. A: Yes, each PVA is assigned a different phone number, we won’t use the phone numbers any more after they are used to verify accounts.

5. Q: Do you provide reverification service for the PVAs?

  1. A: Yes, for FFA/FFAP users, re-verification service is free within the sim card valid period while for Non FFA/FFAP users only enjoy 7 days free re-verification for PVAs.

6. Q: How to bypass the mobile phone re-verified roadblock for my PVAs which bought from you?

  1. A: 1. If you are FFA/FFAP users, just bypass roadblock by yourself with the following steps:

    Go to Preference->Facebook->Tick the option of "Re-Verify PVA accounts automatically for Re-Vefiication needed accounts". Open "Manage Accounts" dialog, pick out the accounts which met mobile phone re-verified roadblock. Click "Ctrl" button and select the accounts, right click mouse, run the feature "Bypass Login Problems". After the program running, our order team will receive your re-verify requests, and they will do re-verify for you. At last, after we re-verified you, your accounts will be bypassed automatically in your software. 2. If you are Non FFA/FFAP users, please contact our order team and send us your account information, we will unlock your accounts within 7 days after orders sent out.

7. Q: Is there any problem when I login the accounts with my IP or proxies which are different
         with the created proxies?

  1. A: If you login the accounts with the creation cookies, it won’t be a problem to login the accounts with different IP or proxies. The method is to login the accounts with the default format which we sent to you by the free trial version of FFA /FFAP, and assign your proxies with ‘Manage Proxies" of FFA/FFAP. After checking the accounts with "Manage Accounts" with new proxies, you can login your accounts with the same proxies manually or other tools without any problem.

8. Q: Why the account creation cookies are important?

  1. Browser cookie is an important factor for Facebook checking accounts status. If you login an account with new cookies under different IP or proxy, the accounts may get login problem. But it will be safe for you to change IP or proxy with same cookies.

9. Q: I never use my PVAs when I received from you last month, but they all get roadblock,
         what should I do?

  1. A: You’d better to check the accounts at once when you receive them, because the accounts’ cookies will be expired if you don’t use for a long time.

10. Q: How old are the accounts, can I select 3 months old accounts?

  1. A: There are enough aged Non-PVAs in stock, but all the PVAs are verified on the moment when we receive your order. So you can only contact our order team to ask for aged Non-PVAs, but can't choose PVAs which were already verified.

11. Q: What are the differences between PVAs and Non-PVAs?

  1. A: PVAs are verified by phone numbers while Non-PVAs are not phone verified. There are some more functions available in PVAs than in Non-PVAs. PVAs may send more friend requests without captchas than Non-PVAs in some degree.

12. Q: How do I check the accounts when I get them as ".facebook" file format?

  1. A: For the sake of accounts' safety, we send the accounts as ".facebook" file format. We strongly recommend you use Facebook FriendAdder(FFA)/Facebook FriendAdder Pro(FFAP) to check them before you log in them manually with your proxies when you receive the accounts. Otherwise they would probably get roadblocks because of changing proxies or (IP).

    If you don't have FFA or FFAP yet, please download FFA or FFAP to check the accounts.

    Start FFA or FFAP; Click "Facebook -> Manage Accounts" in the program main menu, and then click "Import" button to import the .facebook file into the program; (Optional) Click "Facebook -> Manage Proxies" in the program main menu, then click "Import" button to import your private proxies, and then click "Assigning Proxies for Accounts" link to assign your private proxies for your accounts. Please notice that you can skip this step if you don't want to use private proxies(We recommend you use proxies if you have many accounts); Turn back to feature "Facebook -> Manage Accounts", then click "Select All"-->"Start To"-->"Bypass Login Problem"-->"OK" to bind the accounts with your private proxies (or new IP); Click "Export" button to export your accounts as file format: "Email:Password:Proxyhost:ProxyPort(*.txt)"; OK. Now you can login your accounts with proxies (or new IP) by your browsers manually.
    Notice: We won't take responsibility for being blocked or banned if you don't follow the steps above to check the accounts.

13. Q: Can you help me create some custom PVAs?

  1. A: Yes, please contact our sales support team with your detail information of your requirement.
Sales Support Team
Skype: livelyservice
Technical Support Team
Skype: livelyfacebook
Tip: The Sales Support Team is online 24*7. And the Technical Support Team’s working hours are 8:30 - 12:00 AM, 2:00 - 5:30 PM (GMT+8) from Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion.
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