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 FAQ for Verify Account with Mobile Phone

1. Q: What's "Verify Account with Mobile Phone" service about?

  1. A: "Verify Account with Mobile Phone" service is used to help you bypass the account which need to add a mobile phone number, but you can't provide any new phone number.

2. Q: What is the difference between Unlock Mobile Phone Verification and Verify Account with
         Mobile Phone service? Which service should I choose when get the mobile phone roadblock?

  1. A: In the service of Unlock Mobile Phone Verification, we will remove the number once your account is unlocked, and it will become Non-PVA again. In the service of Verify Account with Mobile Phone, we will verify your account with CN/PH number and keep the number for your account. Your account will be phone verified then. But if your account become PVA account, it is possible to get Phone re-verification roadblock. We can't guarantee we can unlock the re-verification for a long time since the SIM card may get the valid period limitation at any time. But other types of roadblock are much easier to unlock. So we suggest you to use Unlock Mobile Phone Verification to bypass this roadblock.

3. Q: If I want to verify my account, what do you need from me?

  1. A: After you place the order for your accounts, please export the accounts from the software as .facebook format, and send the account file with order information to our order support team (Email:, we will unlock for you. Then you will receive the account with new cookies from us after unlocked.

4. Q: What’s the ".facebook" format in the specification form?

  1. A: The ".facebook" is one of account format in the software FFA/FFAP, it contains all the account’s information. Includes Email, Password, Proxy, Birthday, Sex, Phone, Added Friends list, Pending list, Status, Campaign, Cookie, Security Question, Security Answer, and Second Email.

5. Q: Do you use any proxy to verify my account?

  1. A: Yes, we do. If you send the account with its original proxy to us, we will use the same proxy to unlock the account. Or we will use our proxy to unlock the account.

6. Q: Which country mobile phone numbers do you use in this service?

  1. A: We provide Chinese/Philippine phone numbers to verify the accounts.

7. Q: How long will it take to verify for my account?

  1. A: It depends on the quantity of the accounts; please check the sales page for more information.

8. Q: Do you provide any discount?

  1. A: Yes, we provide quantity discount, please check the table for reference.

9. Q: When I can login my accounts to have a check?

  1. A: Please don’t login the accounts when we bypassing your accounts, or it may cause some problems for this account, even lead to get banned. You can login the account after we sent back to you with .facebook format.

10. Q: Could you help me to bypass other type of roadblock when unblock mobile phone
           verification roadblock?

  1. A: In the service, we can just unlock your accounts by our phone numbers. If there is any other type of roadblocks, we will try to bypass them if FFAP can achieve that. But we can’t assure to bypass them all. All we need to do is to unlock the accounts by our phone numbers. We won’t be responsible for other types of roadblocks. Please check the notice in the service page.

11. Q: How to check account when I receive them?

  1. A: When you get the account from us, please remove old accounts and check it on FFAP right away. Open feature "Manage Accounts"-->Click "Import" button to import the .facebook file into FFAP; Open feature "Manage Proxies"-->Click "Import" button to import your private proxies-->Click "Assign" button to assign proxies for your accounts (you can skip this step if you are not using proxies); Turn back to feature "Manage Accounts"-->Click "Select All"-->"Start To"-->Choose "Bypass Login Problem" to check.

12. Q: What should I do if the accounts get the error information on the console "You are asked
           to re-verify your phone number for the account", what should I do when I receive them?

  1. A: Please run the feature "Bypass Login Problems" of FFA/FFAP to bypass this kind of roadblock automatically. Our product team provide 24*7 re-verification service, the stuff will input the re-verification code for your account when we receive it frm facebook, then the software will bypass this kind of roadblock automatically in your side.
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