Sim Cards Service is available for the FFAP users now. It servers for the feature "Verify Non-PVA to PVA" in the FFAP 4.0.0. If you want to verify your facebook accounts with some real mobile phone numbers, but without any phone numbers, this service is suit for you.
 Overview Video
Sim cards Service
Sim cards 1. Numbers Real Phone numbers
2. Country China/Philippine
3. Validity Period 1-3 months
Usage 1. Verification Online
2. Software FFAP 4.0.0
3. Using Time 24*7
4. Users FFAP 4.0.0 Users
 Working Flow
    Before making an order, you need to read all relevant information of this service in this page, including description of Sim cards service, specification, delivery and policy. If there is something intangible, you can contact our 24*7 sales support team to know details about it. We will think you have read all about this service after you make the order.
1. Sim Cards Service is only available for the FFAP 4.0.0 Users;
2. You will get a PID (Project ID) number instead of a list of phone numbers to verify accounts with the
    software automatically.
3. We arrange the Chinese and Philippine Sim cards for you by random. If you have any special requirements,
    please contact our Orders Support Team in time.
1. We guarantee to refund any order before it is processed basing on your refund requestion.
2. We guarantee to send you the Sim cards which meets the specifications described in the above form.
3. We guarantee to provide Sim card life time free auto reverification service in FFAP 4.0.0.
4. There is no refund or replacement policy for any order after it is processed.
5. Placing any orders is considered that you have agreed on all the above service items.
Sales Support Team
Skype: livelyservice
Technical Support Team
Skype: livelyfacebook
Tip: The Sales Support Team is online 24*7. And the Technical Support Team’s working hours are 8:30 - 12:00 AM, 2:00 - 5:30 PM (GMT+8) from Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion.
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