FAQ for Sim Cards Service

1. Q: What kinds of Sim cards do you offer?

  1. A: Currently we only can provide Chinese and Philippine Sim cards, all are real phone numbers. We are trying our best to provide more kinds of Sim cards to meet special demands.

2. Q: Any discount for Sim Cards Service?

  1. A: All the Silver VIPs and Gold VIPs can enjoy the VIP discount for our Sim Cards Service.

3. Q: How to get the Sim Cards after payment?

  1. A: Please email our order Support Team with your order information and FFAP 4.0.0 license ID. We will arrange Sim cards for you under your FFAP 4.0.0 license. Then you will get an email with your Sim Cards Service information.

4. Q: How to check my rest Sim cards?

  1. The software always reminds you the rest number of your Sim Cards when you start this feature each time.

5. Q: Can I use the Sim Cards to verify other kinds of digit accounts?

  1. A: Sorry, the Sim Cards only can be used for Facebook accounts. And the Facebook accounts must be managed with the FFAP 4.0.0.

6. Q: How to fix the re-verification problem for my verified accounts?

  1. If your account meet the re-verification roadblock after verified, please start the feature "Bypass Login Problems" for your account, the software will bypass this kind of roadblock automatically.

7. Q: Can I get a refund for the Sim Cards which haven't been used?

  1. A: Yes, you can ask refund for the Sim Cards which haven't been used. Only if all of your Sim Cards have been used, your order is total processed.
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