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 FAQ for Lively 24*7 Service VIP Program

1. Q: What's Lively 24*7 Service VIP Program?

  1. A: There are three levels in our VIP Program, they are Bronze VIP (BVIP), Silver VIP (SVIP) and Gold VIP (GVIP). Select any one based on your demand and click "Join Now" button to load the initial payment to your balance. After joining our VIP, you can enojy better service and special benefits which are not available for regular customers, such as prior customer service, bigger discount, useful information and so on.

2. Q: Do you charge any fee for the VIP Program?

  1. A: No, it's no cost for you to join the VIP Program. You can use all the balance in your VIP Program to buy any product or service in our sales page.

3. Q: How to join the VIP Program?

  1. A: Just select any level of VIP Program, and click the "Join Now" button to load initial payment to your balance. And we will record your information according to the order notification. Then you are upgraded to one of our VIPs automatically, and enjoy the corresponding benefits freely.

4. Q: How to use the balance in my VIP Program to place orders?

  1. A: Please contact our 24*7 Sales Support Team by skype (ID:livelyservice) to tell us which product you would like to buy. We will calculate the amount for your order, and cut the payment from your balance directly. No need to make payments from our sales page any more.

5. Q: How can I get my balance information of VIP program?

  1. A: We will email you with your latest balance information once there is any change. And also you can contact our 24*7 Sales Support to check your balance information online at any time.

6. Q: What should I do If I want to keep in the VIP Program but the balance is not enough?

  1. A: Please refer to the "Requirements" section in this page, click "Add Now" button to renew $10, $100, $1000 balance for your VIP Program according to your requirement. Your payment will be added to your VIP Program balance. And you will receive an email notification with your balance information from us.

7. Q: How can I upgrade to higher level VIP membership?

  1. A: For example, if you want to upgrade to Gold VIP, Click Gold VIP "Join Now" button and make the initial payment. Then contact our 24*7 Sales Support Team to transfer the previous VIP balance to the new one. After that, you will receive an email about your new VIP program status.

8. Q: Can the VIP discount be combined with your other special offers?

  1. A: No,it can't. You can get the VIP discount for any product in our sales page. However, it can not be combined with our other special offers.

9. Q: Is there any deadline for my VIP membership?

  1. A: No, you are our permanent VIP as long as you keep enough balance in your VIP Program. However, if you want to keep in the same level VIP membership, you need to keep the minimum VIP balance of each level. For more details, please refer to the "The Minimum VIP Balance" item in the "Requirement" section.

10. Q: Can I cancel my VIP membership and get my refund?

  1. A: Yes, you can cancel it at any time, and 100% money back guarantee for your VIP membership balance without any condiction. But it doesn't inculde the payment of your previous orders and the free bonus you've got from us.
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